The Objectives of the Forum

Include but are not limited to:

  • ensure growth of efficient SACCOs as the lifeblood and heart beat of the cooperative ecosystem in the region
  • activate and invigorate national forums or roundtables for SACCO executives and officers that integrates into the regional forum
  • improve the performance of SACCO Managers and their SACCOs by professionalizing the practice.
  • share experiences and ideas to help grow SACCOs in the SADC Region and beyond
  • provide a forum for networking and SACCO synergies in the SADC Region
  • converge regional efforts towards a SACCOs Centre of Excellence in line with the SADC Protocol on Cooperation in Education and Training
  • be an extension service for cascading down to the masses lessons learnt from high profile programs, (hitherto inaccessible to the SACCO masses at the grassroots that miss these opportunities due to different reasons. (For example, we can not all go to the world council conference orĀ  the continental congress, but those who manage to go can come back and pass on whatever they learn in our regional forums or local roundtables)
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