Vision of the SADC SACCO Managers Forum Vision of SADC Countries Vision of the African Union
A thriving SACCO movement in Southern Africa in the hands of capable, fully developed and well-equipped professional SACCO practitioners who are thought leaders in their local realities and spheres of influence, providing leadership for the integration of the regional movement to the rest of the continent as per the bigger picture of a Common Future for SADC and AU. SADC Vision is to build a region in which there will be a high degree of harmonisation and rationalisation, to enable the pooling of resources to achieve collective self-reliance in order to improve the living standards of the people of the region.The vision of SADC is one of a Common Future, a future within a regional community that will ensure economic well-being, improvement of the standards of living and quality of life, freedom and social justice and peace and security for the people of Southern Africa.


The vision of the African  Union is that of: “An integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa,  driven by its own citizens and representing a dynamic force in  global arena.”
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